In Pluginsurance we like to launch new initiatives as online projects. We empower those which gain traction, and disconnect about those which dont. All share in common using top technology, making easy for the user what was previously hard or tedious, in an efficient manner. We're always developing new things, both to gain new customers or to provide current ones with the best possible service and attention regarding their insurance needs.

Our first multi-insurance brand, work in progress

Weve always developed vertical channels: cars, bikes, travel, and okpoliza.com is our first project which unifies all the different insurance products in a single website.


We're already 20 people, on marketing, design, management, software and customer care. Growing!


Agreement to distribute online insurance with Repsol

Repsol chooses us to be the insurance provider in their motoclub, TBL. We integrate every product available in Motopoliza.com in their website and apps in a seamless way, providing content and special marketing campaigns.


Mobile apps aimed at current customers to provide the best possible online service

We developed apps for our customers, both on Android and Ios, connected to our CRM to be able to provide all the info and services needed for our customers regarding theis policies.


We develop our online shop for insurance customers

We had this crazy idea to setup a shop with more than 80 products for motorcycle enthusiasts, and provide our customers with a very very special price, and a dropshipping deal. It didnt gain the traction we expected so we decided to pause the project.


Life insurance

We begin distributing life insurance, specially focused on car and biker customers. The user can quote its insurance price by simply sliding a control.


Motopoliza and the RAV 250cc cup

We helped launching the first and second edition of the national 250cc naked cup throughout 12 different dates and tracks. All the weekend warriors were insured by Motopoliza.com and it proved to be a huge success.


We obtain our insurance broker license

We began our company developing first the technology and the business model, joining forces with a well stablished traditional insurance broker. By 2013 our costumer base demanded us to launch our own insurance broker brand. So we did! We have a fully developed Contact Center with 5 people attending customer's tasks.



Our own CRM enables efficiency and growth

By 2014 our customer base reached several tens of thousands. Our desire to provide the best online service for our cusomers. We developed our own social crm, so we could help our customers on any task needed regarding their insurance needs. Simple to use, it enables us to manage hundreds of tasks daily on a totally efficient way.



Yamaha Stratos sponsors

Our current sponsorship, Team Yamaha Stratos, wins races every weekend in the very prestigious Campeonato de España de Velocidad in 250, 600 and 1000cc categories.



Car insurance

Due to the success offering motorcycle insurance, we had to launch its car sibling, Autopoliza.com. The fastest quoting system, enabling online transaction for a purely online experience.


Travel insurance

viajepoliza.com was developed as a team effort with Arag to offer a complete travel insurance online. Users buy insurance through paypal and credit card.


Headcount increases to 14 people.


Agreement to distribute online insurance with RACE

Real Automovil Club de España chose us as the best platform to provide with insurance products to their customers. We developed a 2 year project together.


We launch responsive compliant insurance websites

Mobile was the future so we migrated our sites to the then new responsive design trends. Now over 60% of our customers are mobile (2016 data).


Top insurer chooses our tools to sell online

A top 5 insurer, Caser, asks us to lease our software so they can try the online sales model. We leased our software for 2 years, and was their inspiration for their current model.


Health insurance

We join a marketing agency in 2012 to launch a health insurance comparison brand, segurosmedicos.com. We decide to pause the project to focus on other projects and relaunch in the future.


Affiliate program

We decided to develop our own affiliate program, providing webmasters, forums admins, facebook pages users and online companies with insurance comparison tools. More than 200 websites integrate our tools to provide a servide to their customers and obtain a revenuw based on performance.


Motopoliza.com grows

10 insurers already present on our timeline… customer keeps growing. We begin thinking about not only selling, but providing the best customer service. Thus we hire our frst 2 online customer care specialists.


Motopoliza.com awarded with the Innovation price in the 2011 Insurance Week, Spain

Most innovative insurance project - Gema award - Semana del seguro.


Join forces with Rastreator.com

We reach an agreement with Rastreator.com, top comparison site in Spain (Admiral, Confused).

We also hired new it people, imcreasing head count to 9 people.


Accident insurance for track racers designed and launched

There werent any insurance products in the markets which would provide cover for amateur track riders in Spain so we had to design it. Only sold online, we take pride in heping thousands of riders every weekend on their favourite passion and sport: track riding, both motocross and speed bikes.


Quoting insurance 100% in Facebook

In 2010 Facebook was very big, and we developed our own insurance quoting engine totally developed and integrated in the Facebook framework.


BMW Motorrad sponsors

We sponsored Motorrad BMW racing team.., and became national championships in 2010.


Motopoliza.com goes live

To prove the idea was right, we chose to launch a motorcycle insurance website. So focused on developing the fastest, easisest quoting software, direct to customer. During our first year we integrated 8 different insurance companies, and sold only 124 policies.  We also hired it staff, both UX and design and developers.


Founders vision

The founding members get together to define on a single piece of paper the future of insurance distribution. Purely online, direct to customer, no phone needed. The founders left their jobs and began working on the project.

To concentrate on developing the technology and model, we team up with well stablished traditional insurance brokers, Llerandi Consultores, before launching our own broker brand, Plugbrokers SL.

6 people, with a firm background in insurance, technology and strategy, launched Motopoliza.com in 2010 to prove that the Internet is the best channel to quote, compare, buy and manage their insurance policies We wanted to develop more quick, simple and effective quoting engines and online support systemas. And thus was born Motopoliza.com: more than a insurance aggregator, a system that would enabled online transactions, integrated with the most important insurance companies, 100% online